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ISO 28000 Certification

ISO 28000 2007 is also known as Supply Chain Security Management Systems. ISO 28000 is supply chain security management system which was launched in year 2007. Objective of ISO 28000 certification standard is to provide a set of best practices guidelines to decrease threats for people & cargo in supply chain. This standard ISO 28000 addresses potential security threats at different stages of complete supply process. This standard focuses on the main threats such as terrorism, fraud and piracy during supply activities. By implementing ISO 28000, organizations can demonstrate that they have identified critical aspects to the security of their supply chain and have policies, procedures and controls in place to manage security risks with ISO 28000 from De System.

De System is a leading company for ISO 28000 certification in India. Our ISO 28000 audit process is meant to safeguard product & product related information throughout the supply chain. So contact us today if your are planning for ISO 28000 Certification.