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C-TPAT Consultancy

Since compliance to C-TPAT program can sometimes be confusing, De system has created a package designed to clarify and simplify the certification process. We have successfully navigated through C-TPAT application and certification for a variety of clients and we can help you too!

Allow us to help you become CTPAT/C-TPAT compliant!

The main goal of CTPAT/C-TPAT Compliance is to make a more secure and efficient supply chain through partnership. Customs has to adapt to the changing industry and therefore, requires the assistance of private industry to ensure increased vigilance throughout the supply chain. Customs recognizes that just as it protects the trade and U.S. borders, businesses must ensure that their brands, employees, and customers are protected. US customs understands that a safe and regulated supply chain is the most critical part of keeping US safe. Customs is seeking a strong anti-terrorism partnership with the trade community through instilling CTPAT. In turn, they want to work closely with companies whose good business practices ensure supply chain security and compliance with trade laws.

Ask us how we can help!

It does seem to be both complicated and a lot of work. However, the benefits of this program far outweigh the actual hassle of the project. It can save you so much time and money that not participating does not make sense.

De system has developed a proven formula for success in the C-TPAT Certification and Validation process. We begin with a site visit to your designated facility at an agreed upon time that usually takes no longer than a day to complete. During this visit, our auditors observes your operations and the security practices already in place. The information gathered helps our staff to prepare an Executive Summary/Security Profile that meets and exceeds the minimum standards required by CBP for your business type.

  • Personalized C-TPAT trainig at your location.
  • An in-depth analysis of your company security procedures & improving it as per C-TPAT requirements.
  • Preparation of a customized C-TPAT compliance manual that meets specific needs your company.
  • Pre-validation training before C-TPAT validation.
  • post-validation consulting & training to help correct any non-conformity arrised during validation.
  • Client Survey – We can audit your vendors to determine their compliance in securing your supply chain.