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AEO Registration

AEO Scheme, adopted by several countries across the globe, is a World Customs Organization initiative towards Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade or SAFE Framework Under the Scheme, stakeholders approved by Customs as compliant with the supply chain security standards are given benefits such as simplified Customs procedures and reduced Customs intervention. AEO Scheme has been implemented by the Directorate General of Inspection Customs & Central Excise (DGICCE), New Delhi with Additional Director General as the AEO Scheme manager and implementation of pilot proposals hascommence from 15 September 2011.An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program has been developed to enable businesses involved in the international trade.

AEO audit team will examine applicant’s record of compliance over past three years from Customs, Excise and Service tax law perspective as well as allied laws administered by the Department. Major violations in any other fiscal laws e.g. Corporate Tax will also be taken into consideration. However, technical or procedural errors with insignificant impact on revenue will not be the basis for disqualification of the application. Any economic operator such as importer, exporter, logistics provider and CHA can apply for authorisation, if he is able to establish record of compliance in respect of customs and other legal provisions, is financially solvent and able to demonstrate satisfactory systems of managing commercial and transport records. De system prepares you for AEO authorization. Our comprehensive package of consultancy includes establishment of security management system, implementation & relevant trainings. Contact us today for AEO Registration services.